Our Teams


The Wisconsin Playmakers Club Basketball program has a variety of teams at different levels. These levels are based on player ability, competitiveness, and other factors. Our only objective in breaking down our teams this way is to ensure that each player develops properly in the correct environment.

Not only are our teams built to succeed, but our coaches are also trained to assist players in their success. Our coaches and staff have a proven history of identifying strengths and weaknesses in players. Additionally, our team is very proficient at putting together teams to commensurate the common good of both the players and the teams.

Premier - Royal (2023 & Older):  These teams will play primarily in high level exposure events only, travel throughout the Midwest region (possibly a tournament outside the MW region) and be registered to play against the best competition in all events.  2023 teams may play limited live events….will be based on team.

Premier - White (2023 & Older):  Teams will participate in 1-2 high level exposure events, travel throughout the Midwest region (possibly a tournament outside of the MW region if team agrees) and will be in the top bracket of most events they participate in.

Select - Teams will participate in quality regional events (WI, MN, IL, IA) and only participate outside this region with team approval.  High school aged teams (14U+) could participate in live events but will be based on teams competitive level.

Grassroots-(2024 & Younger):     Middle school aged and younger teams are Grassroots teams.  Teams will participate in the upper Midwest Region (WI, MN, Upper IL and Upper IA).  There could be up to three levels at an age group (Royal, White & Select).

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Uniforms are purchased separately and will be renewed every 2 years.  This will be determined on a team-by-team basis.