As an athlete, you need to fuel your body to achieve, focus, and sustain your energy levels throughout the day. Increased physical activity increases your nutritional demands. The more energy you expend throughout the day, the more food an athlete must consume to rebuild and recover. In addition, while increasing your work capacity it is important to understand that proper hydration is crucial for maximizing your potential on the field or in the weight room. Our All Lax coaches believe that focusing on health and wellness is just as, if not MORE important than focusing on your skills.


Your body is like a machine, you need to feed it with the proper fuel for it to run efficiently. As an athlete, it is important to eat as healthy as possible so your body can function at its upmost potential. Eating a well balanced diet will help you feel more energized, recover quicker, and sleep better at night.

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Parents, you are the gatekeepers of health and wellness for your children. Do not hesitate to reach out if you need some guidance!


While a healthy diet supplies most of our nutritional requirements, it is scientifically proven that proper supplementation is needed to accelerate your maximum performance and recovery. AdvoCare is the only
supplement line we will recommend at All Lax because the products are regularly tested, safe, and effective. AdvoCare is backed by the Informed Choice Certification program and each product is backed by more than
270 years of combined knowledge from an elite Scientific & Medical Advisory Board.

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